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Profibus Gateway Module (pgm) Overview - Honeywell Experion PKS User Manual

Profibus gateway module.
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2 PROFIBUS Gateway Module (PGM) Overview

The PROFIBUS Gateway Module is an interface module that can be used with C300 Controller to connect and
communicate with the Profibus devices. The PGM is developed in the Series C form factor for use with the
C300 Controller. The PGM module is an FTE resident module.
As a PROFIBUS gateway, PGM is always a master and communicates with the PROFIBUS compatible slave
The PGM supports the following functions.
Experion events and alarms
Experion Bulk Build utility
Experion import/export functionality
Qualification and Version Control
Peer-to-peer communications
The PGM does not retain RAM across power failure using a battery backed RAM. However, it does retain its
configuration in Flash and can resume normal operation upon power up.
PROFIBUS Communication Profiles
The following information is extracted from the PROFIBUS Technical Description describing the PROFIBUS
DP communication profile as defined by the PROFIBUS Standard Definition (EN 50170):
PROFIBUS DP - Decentralized Periphery (DP) is the most frequently used PROFIBUS communication profile.
It is optimized for speed, efficiency and low connection costs and is designed especially for communication
between automation systems and distributed peripherals.
PROFIBUS DP is a master/slave, token passing network, which utilizes a request/response protocol. Basic data
exchange operations ensure that on a periodic basis, the master sends an output message to each slave device,
which responds in turn with an input message. PROFIBUS DP is typically used as an I/O network. As
compared to a traditional I/O network architecture that requires dedicated wiring between each I/O module and
the controller device, PROFIBUS offers the advantage of a single network/bus on which all I/O peripheral
devices reside.
PROFIBUS-PA is one of three PROFIBUS variants that are compatible with each other. PROFIBUS PA is
available for applications in process automation with a demand for bus power and intrinsically safe devices.
PROFIBUS PA is linked to the DP network with a coupler module. PROFIBUS PA supports the tree or line
structures and any combination of these two network topologies.
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