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Pgm Overview; Pgm Block Creation; Pgm Block Deletion - Honeywell Experion PKS User Manual

Profibus gateway module.
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5.1 PGM overview

The PGM is an interface module that can be used with the C300 Controller to connect and communicate with
the Profibus devices. You can assign a maximum of four PGMs to a C300 Controller. The PGM has a set of
function blocks to represent the complete PROFIBUS Gateway Module. The following are the FBs associated
with the PGM.
Protocol Blocks
PROFIBUS I/O channel blocks
When a PGM block is created, two Protocol Blocks are automatically created. The PGM block can be
configured as redundant/non-redundant from the Main tab of the PGM FB's configuration form in the Control
PGM redundancy support
When a PGM is configured as redundant, only the primary PGM exchanges data with the PROFIBUS slave
devices. The secondary PGM must be in the "Synchronized State."
The secondary PGM cannot determine the health of the PROFIBUS network. The secondary PGM considers the
network as healthy if it has established a PROFIBUS communication with the primary PGM . The secondary
PGM does not communicate with the slave devices at all. The secondary PGM only checks if a device with the
configured master address participates at token exchange (active and passive PROFIBUS master exchange
token between each other).
HART device support in PGM
PGM block supports a maximum of 512 HART (PBHCHANNEL) device configurations (that is, 256 HART
devices per PBLINK). One PBHIOMB block supports a maximum of 16 HART channels.

5.1.1 PGM block creation

A PGM block is created in the Control Builder from the file menu (File > New > Interface Modules >
Profibus Gateway Module (2 Links) ) and assigned to the root.

5.1.2 PGM block deletion

A PGM block cannot be deleted from the Project view in Control Builder unless all the contained blocks are
deleted first.
You must first delete all the contained blocks from the Monitoring view before deleting them from the Project


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