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Operations That Impact Audit Trail - Honeywell Experion PKS User Manual

Profibus gateway module.
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The version V4.00 displays the configuration changes done during session 2.

6.9.1 Operations that impact Audit Trail

Some of the following Control Builder operations impact the visibility of the Audit Trail tab.
QVCS Revert to Version
During QVCS Revert to Version operation, one version of AUDITTRAIL parameter value is replaced with
another version of AUDITTRAIL parameter value.
For example, if you have made changes in the network configuration during V4.00 and then you perform a
QVCS Revert to Version 3.00, then Audit Trail information will be available only for the network configuration
changes that you made till V3.00.
QVCS Compare
When you perform a QVCS Compare operation, the Diff Tool displays the ERDB AUDITTRAIL parameter in
highlighted mode. The status appears as "M" if the data has been modified between the selected versions. In
addition, the message "Please refer to module properties of this block to see the parameter value" appears in the
parameter value.
QVCS does not support "Profibus Network Configuration Tool" AUDITTRAIL parameter for parameter value
comparison between versions in the Diff Tool.
When you perform an Import of a PGM block, the Audit Trail tab is visible only if the PGM block is under
QVCS. If the PGM block is not under QVCS, the Audit Trail tab is not visible.


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