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Generic Device Support Blocks (gendsb And Geniodsb); Functions Of Generic Dsbs - Honeywell Experion PKS User Manual

Profibus gateway module.
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7.4 Generic Device Support Blocks (GENDSB and GENIODSB)

The Generic DSBs run on the PGM and represent one PROFIBUS field device in the PROFIBUS network. The
Generic DSBs can be configured for PROFIBUS devices that do not have device-specific DSBs. The Generic
DSBs process the raw data from the PROFIBUS field devices and converts it to the PDC format supported by
the Experion. The Generic DSBs communicate with the master PGM for data conversion.
The 1st Slot Offset in Sycon (SLOTOFFSETINSYCON) parameter is used for indicating the slot number
offset for the 1st IO module in "Profibus Network Configuration Tool" configuration. For example, in the
TURCK EXCOM Slave, the slot offset is 1 because the gateway module is present in slot number 1 and the IO
modules starts from the slot number 2. Similarly, in the SiemensET200M Slave, the first 3 slots are configured
and the IO modules starts from slot number 4. Hence, the slot offset is 3.
There are two types of Generic DSBs.
GENDSB - A single GENDSB can support up to 16 I/O modules and each I/O module can support up to 32
GENIODSB -A single GENIODSB can support up to 64 I/O modules and each I/O module can support up
to 16 channels. The GENIODSB is introduced with R410. The GENIODSB can be used in scenarios where
the number of modules are more and the channel density is less.
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7.4.1 Functions of Generic DSBs

Integrates the PROFIBUS DP slave devices to the Experion.
Reads data from field devices and writes output into field devices depending on whether the I/O module is
an input module or an output module.
Processes extended diagnostic data and updates channel status and sends notification based on the channel
Receives data from PIOMB and sends it to the device, if the PDC is connected to a PIOMB.
Updates the PDC states.
Data Processing
See "Data processing" on page 118.
Extended Diagnostics
The first 8 bytes of the extended diagnostics message contain the alarm/status diagnostics of the device. Status
diagnostics provides information such as data validity, module error, wrong module insertion, and modules
being not inserted. The next 4 bytes of the extended diagnostics message contain the slot-specific diagnostics.
One bit per slot (module slot) indicates whether there are diagnostics messages present for the respective slot. If
the appropriate bit is set, a diagnostics entry is present for the respective slot.
Channel specific diagnostics message start from byte number 13 of the extended diagnostics.


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