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Device Support Block (dsb) Overview; Dsb Block Creation; Dsb Block Deletion - Honeywell Experion PKS User Manual

Profibus gateway module.
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7.1 Device Support Block (DSB) overview

The Device Support Block represents one of the PROFIBUS field devices (slave devices) in the PROFIBUS
network. A single PROFIBUS network can support up to 124 slave devices. A single DSB can support up to 16
PDCs. However, some DSBs can support more than 16 PDCs. For example, a CEAGDSB can support up to 24
I/O modules. DSBs perform the data conversion to and from device-specific data format (raw data) to formats
supported in Experion (PDC format). DSBs also decode field device specific diagnostic data and report alarms
for any notified exception.
The following DSBs are supported by PGM.
Generic Device Support Blocks ( GENDSB and GENIODSB) - The Generic DSBs can be configured for
any PROFIBUS devices that do not have device-specific DSBs. You can also use the Generic DSBs to
configure the PROFIBUS devices that have device-specific DSBs.
Generic Device Support Blocks (GENPADSB and GENPAGWDSB) for PA devices - You can use the
GENPADSB and GENPAGWDSB for PROFIBUS PA devices which are connected either to a PROFIBUS
PA Coupler or to Siemens DP/PA link IM-157.
Generic Drive DSB (DRIVEDSB) - You can use the DRIVEDSB for any drive device that supports the
PROFIDrive profile.
CEAGDSB - The CEAGDSB can be configured for the CEAG LB/FB Remote I/O modules.
Siemens AS-i Link DSB - The Siemens AS-i Link DSB can be configured for the DP/AS-i Link 20E and the
DP/AS-i Link Advanced modules.
Siemens ET200M DSB - The Siemens ET 200M DSB can be configured for Siemens Simatic I/O modules.
Turck Excom DSB - The Turck Excom DSB can be configured only for Turck Excom field devices.
Maximum number of GENDSBs and GENPADSBs supported for one PGM is 248. However, the maximum number
ET200M DSB, and Turck Excom DSB) blocks is limited based on the memory used per DSB block.
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7.1.1 DSB block creation

A DSB block is created in the Control Builder from the File menu
(File > New > Devices > DSB)
A DSB block is assigned to the Protocol Block by dragging a DSB module template from the Library and
assigning it one of the Protocol Blocks in the Project view.

7.1.2 DSB block deletion

You cannot delete a DSB FB with at least one PDC still associated with a PIOMB and a PBHIOMB. You must
dissociate the PIOMB from the DSB and then delete the DSB. However, there are no restrictions on deleting a
DSB that has no PDCs associated to PIOMBs.


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