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Getting Further Assistance - Honeywell Experion PKS User Manual

Profibus gateway module.
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13.5 Getting further assistance

Other troubleshooting sources
The following table lists other documents and sections that contain troubleshooting information for other
Experion subsystems.
All of these documents are available in the PDF Collection. Some documents are also supplied as part of Station
Help. Look for the document within the PDF Collection where RXXX represents the latest release number
Experion RXXX > Reference
Experion RXXX > Reference > TPS Integration Guide >
Experion RXXX > Reference > Control Builder Error Codes Reference Describes error codes generated from within
Experion RXXX > Troubleshooting and Maintenance > Control
Hardware Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide
Experion RXXX > Configuration > Fault Tolerant Ethernet Bridge
User's Guide > Service > Troubleshooting
Experion RXXX > Installation and Upgrades > Fault Tolerant Ethernet
Installation and Service Guide > Troubleshooting FTE Nodes
Experion RXXX > Reference > Honeywell TDC 3000 Data Hiway
Interface Reference > TDC error codes and Troubleshooting
Experion RXXX > Configuration > Qualification and Version Control
System User Guide > QVCS Troubleshooting
ExperionRXXX > Configuration > SafeView User's Guide > Appendix
D - SafeView Error Messages
Experion RXXX > Reference > Server Scripting Reference > Server
scripting error messages
Experion RXXX > Configuration > System Management Configuration
Guide > Troubleshooting System Management
Experion RXXX > Configuration > System Management Configuration
Guide > System Performance Server > Troubleshooting SPS
ExperionRXXX > Planning and Design > Planning, Installation, and
Service for WS360
Guidelines for requesting support
If you cannot resolve a problem using this guide, you can request support from your Honeywell Solution
Support Center.
When requesting support, please supply as many relevant details as possible, including:
Short summary of the problem.
Product Name and release.
There is a separate interface reference for each
type of controller other than the Process
Controller; for example, the ASEA Interface
Most of these references contain an interface-
specific troubleshooting section.
Troubleshooting an integrated system that uses
Experion "TPS Integration" option.
Control Builder.
The main repository for troubleshooting,
maintenance and repair of Process Controllers.
Troubleshooting FTE bridges.
Troubleshooting FTE nodes.
Troubleshooting TDC 3000 Hiway problems.
Troubleshooting QVCS.
Describes the meaning of SafeView
configuration errors.
Describes the meaning of error messages in the
server log specific to server scripting.
Describes the meaning of SES Configuration
Describes the meaning of SPS Configuration
Troubleshooting workstation nodes used in
Experion and TPN.


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