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Installing A - Honeywell Experion PKS User Manual

Profibus gateway module.
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4.4 Installing a PGM
Before you install the PGM you should have:
A control cabinet installed with appropriate channel hardware for mounting the Series C control hardware.
A Series C power supply hardware installed in the cabinet.
Installed pair of Control Firewall (CF9) assemblies.
The PGM assembly (PGM module with IOTA board and mounting hardware). In addition, you need the
necessary parts for installing PGM to the control system. See Series C System Cabling in the Control
Hardware Planning Guide for cable hardware details.
Ensure the cabinet enclosure is connected to a protective earth ground using #8 AWG solid copper wire.
There should be metal to metal contact between the grounding bus bar and the enclosure as well as the
Perform the following steps to install a PGM
Refer to appropriate site location drawings for the specified installation location, PGM Device Index (FTE
address), and wiring diagrams.
Identify the mounting location on channel and align mounting holes in IOTA with screw hole locations on
the channel.
Assemble mounting screws, washers and spacers provided. Insert spacers and washers between backside of
IOTA and front of channel.
Ensure that the component side of the IOTA is facing up.
Position the assembled IOTA board at the proper mounting location.
Thread the four mounting screws only half-way to attach the IOTA board to the channel.
Tighten the mounting screws securing the IOTA board to the channel.
Connect FTE-A and FTE-B Ethernet link cables to the RJ-45 connectors on PGM IOTA board.
The yellow Cat5 cable must connect to the FTEA connector on the IOTA.
The green Cat5 cable must connect to the FTEB connector on the IOTA.
Route the FTE cables to the appropriate Control Firewall module location.
The Yellow FTE cable is routed to the Control Firewall that supports FTE-A.
The Green FTE cable is routed to the Control Firewall that supports FTE-B.
Connect PBLink1 and PBLink2 cables to the IOTA board.
Set the Device Index (FTE DEVICE INDEX) of the PGM according to the site documentation by turning
the three rotary decimal switches located on the IOTA board. Set the switches to the three digit address
ranging from 001 to 509. The left-most switch (100) is used to set the hundreds digit. The middle switch
(10) is used to set the tens digit and the right-most switch (1) sets the ones digit.
Do not fully tighten the IOTA mounting screws before installing and tightening the power and ground screws
(24V and COM terminals) which can bind during installation or removal. Follow instructions carefully.


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