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Pgm Shutdown Operations; Initiating A Pgm Shutdown; Shutting Down The Secondary - Honeywell Experion PKS User Manual

Profibus gateway module.
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5.7 PGM shutdown operations

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5.7.1 Initiating a PGM shutdown

Use the following procedure to initiate a shutdown command to the PGM, which results in the PGM rebooting
to its RDY state or boot firmware.
In a redundant-pair, when you shutdown the primary PGM, the secondary PGM automatically assumes the role
of the primary, if the pair is synchronized.
Shutting down the PGM, interrupts the transfer of data to the Experion system. Caution MUST be exercised when
performing a PGM SHUTDOWN as it may result in a loss of control.
Perform the following steps to initiate a PGM shutdown
Double-click the PGM in the Monitoring view.
The PGM Block Configuration form appears.
In the Main tab, click Shutdown in the Controller Command list.
Click Yes to confirm the action.
Wait for the PGM to reboot to its RDY state.
5.7.2 Shutting down the secondary PGM
Perform the following steps to shutdown the secondary PGM
Navigate to the appropriate secondary PGM FB in the Monitoring view.
Double-click the PGM FB.
To shutdown the primary PGM, you must select the Enable Shutdown check box. This parameter enables you
to shutdown the PGM along with the configured slave devices that are on control.
The PGM will not accept the SHUTDOWN command if it has DSB blocks loaded to either of its links. The
Enable Shutdown is a means to override that. Therefore caution MUST be exercised when selecting the
Enable Shutdown check box.
In a redundant pair, when the primary PGM FB is shutdown, the secondary PGM assumes the role of the
primary. You can monitor this change by observing the following parameters on the Main/Redundancy tab of
the new primary PGM.
After the secondary assumes the role of the primary, its IP address (IPADDRESS) changes to that of the old
The Redundancy Role State (RDNROLESTATE) of the new primary changes to "PRIMARY" from
The Redundancy Synchronization State (RDNSYNCSTATE) of the new primary transitions to
The CPMSTATE of the new primary transitions from "BACKUP" to "IDLE" or "RUN" as appropriate.


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