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Monitoring A Pbhiomb Block; Pbhiomb Block State After Configuration And Load; Pbhiomb Block Status Parameters - Honeywell Experion PKS User Manual

Profibus gateway module.
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8.5 Monitoring a PBHIOMB block

In this section, the state and command parameters of the PBHIOMB block are listed for quick reference. For
detailed information about these parameters, see PROFIBUS Gateway Module Parameter Reference.

8.5.1 PBHIOMB block state after configuration and load

The behavior of the PBHIOMB block after loading the PBHIOMB block is described.
Main tab
The PBHIOMB block can be loaded only if a PDC Name Reference (PDCNAMEREF) is configured.
When the PBHIOMB block is loaded, the
PDC Name Reference (PDCNAMEREF) displays the associated PDC name.
associated DSB block name is displayed in the Slave Name.
Slot Number(SLOTNUM) displays the physical slot number of the PBHIOMB.
Number Of Channels (NUMCHANS) displays the number of HART channels configured in the PBHIOMB.
PDC Grouped (PDCGROUPED) displays whether the PDC is grouped.
HART Configuration tab
The HART Configuration tab displays the Directory Process Data Index (DIRPROCDATAINDEX) value. You
can configure the HART channels using the HENABLE parameter. The Channel Name (CHNLNAME)
parameter displays the HART channel name that is configured under the PBHIOMB.

8.5.2 PBHIOMB block status parameters

The following sections explains the status of HART channels.
The AUTODISCOVERYENABLED parameter indicates whether the auto-discovery can be initiated.
AUTODISCOVERYENABLED parameter is set as "ON" when the PBHIOMB has the PBHCHANNEL that is
not enabled and can be used for future HART configuration. For example, the HART-enabled (HENABLE)
parameter has the five channels for HART configuration. However, you have enabled only three channels and
the other two channels are not enabled.
AUTODISCOVERYENABLED parameter is set as "OFF" when the PBHIOMB has all the PBHCHANNELs
are enabled and available for configuration in the Project view.
Auto Discovery In Progress (AUTODISCOVERYSTATUS)
The AUTODISCOVERYSTATUS parameter indicates whether the auto-discovery of the HART devices is in
The FINDDEVICES parameter enables you to initiate the auto-discovery of the HART devices.
The Find HART Devices (FINDDEVICES) parameter is enabled only when the Auto Discovery Enabled
(AUTODISCOVERYENABLED) parameter is indicated as GREEN.


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