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Protocol Block Command Parameters; Protocol Block Statistics Parameters - Honeywell Experion PKS User Manual

Profibus gateway module.
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Field Network Master State (MASTERSTATE)
The MASTERSTATE parameter displays the state of the field network master.
Slave State (SLAVESTATE)
The SLAVESTATE parameter indicates whether the master is in cyclic data exchange to all the configured slave
Field Network State (BUSSTATE)
The BUSSTATE parameter indicates the current network status of the communication channel.
Global State (GLOBALSTATE)
The GLOBALSTATE parameter serves as a collective display of the global notifications. The notified errors can
occur either at the PROFIBUS master itself or at the slave devices.

6.10.3 Protocol Block command parameters

Compact Non-Volatile Storage (COMPNVSCMD)
The COMPNVSCMD parameter indicates whether to compact the non-volatile memory or not.

6.10.4 Protocol block statistics parameters

The DPV1 Statistics tab is added in the Protocol block's configuration form for monitoring the DPV1 statistics
information. The statistics information related to the DPV1 connection is monitored from the Class 2
Connection Status table.
DPV1 Bytes per sec (DPV1BYTESPERSEC)
The DPV1 Bytes per sec (DPV1BYTESPERSEC) parameter provides the DPV1 traffic in bytes per second per
link level.
DPV1 Requests per sec (DPV1REQSPERSEC)
The DPV1 Requests per sec (DPV1REQSPERSEC) parameter provides the DPV1 traffic in requests per second
(HOP and DPV1) per link level.
DPV1 Connection Status (DPV1CONNSTS)
The DPV1 Connection Status (DPV1CONNSTS) parameter provides the DPV1 connection status of the
PROFIBUS slave devices.
DPV1 Connection Ref ID (DPV1CONNREF)
The DPV1 Connection Ref ID (DPV1CONNREF) parameter displays the DPV1 connection ID for a slave.
A valid connection ID is displayed only when the DPV1 connection status to a slave is set as "Connected."
DPV1 Req last error code (LASTERRCODE)
The DPV1 Req last error code (LASTERRCODE) parameter displays the last error code received for DPV1
connection to a slave.
For more information about the connection status of DPV1 request, see PROFIBUS Gateway Module
Parameter Reference.


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