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Configuring The Slave Devices In Profibus Network Configuration Tool - Honeywell Experion PKS User Manual

Profibus gateway module.
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6.3 Configuring the slave devices in PROFIBUS Network Configuration
The slave device being configured must to be present in the"PROFIBUS Network Configuration Tool " Library
view. If a device does not appear in the Library view, you must add the device to the library. For more
information, see "Adding a new GSD-based device to PROFIBUS Network Configuration Tool library" on
page 78.
You can use the following procedure for configuring the parameters that are generic to all DSBs. However, you must
refer to the sections "<DSB name> specific module configuration in "PROFIBUS Network Configuration Tool "" for
information on configuring parameters that are specific to each DSB. For example, you can refer to the section "Turck
Excom DSB specific modules configuration in "PROFIBUS Network Configuration Tool "" for Turck Excom DSB
specific configuration.
Perform the following steps to configure a slave device
Click the Field Network Configuration tab of the Protocol Block configuration form.
Drag-and-drop the device you must configure from the Library view to the Network view.
Double-click the device in the Network view. The configuration form of the specific device appears. You
can also right-click the slave device in the Network view and select Configuration
The Modules menu in the Navigation Area is selected by default. The Available Modules section lists all
the available modules that can be associated with the selected slave device.
Select the modules that you must associate with the slave device.
Click Insert.
All the modules you selected in the Available Modules section appear in the Configured Modules section.
When performing the field network configuration, some of the devices may not function as expected and there
can be errors when the Protocol Block is loaded when such devices are used. This can be a result of the vendor
GSDs not supporting the functionalities provided by the PGM.
When you use the Siemens PA coupler, you must modify the Slot Time, Max. Station Delay Time, and the
Setup Time values to enable the coupler detect the PA devices. For more information, see "Modifying the
PROFIBUS network setup values (bus parameters)" on page 71.
When you create a PROFIBUS network configuration, the PROFIBUS master address is set to 1 and the
secondary address is set to 0, by default. If you have more than one PGM pair connected to the same physical
network, ensure that there are no other devices with identical addresses in any of the PGM pairs in the same
For example, in a PROFIBUS network, the first redundant pair can have master addresses 1 and 0 and its
controlling slave addresses 2 through 9. In the same network, the second redundant pair can have the master
addresses 11 and 10 and its controlling slave addresses can start from 12.
Note that if there exists an identical master or slave address in the same physical network, it results in loss of
communication with devices on both the links. In addition, this would warrant a cold reboot of both PGMs.
You can also copy and paste the existing slave devices in the Network view. When you copy and paste an existing
slave device, the tag names are also copied. You can modify the tag names, as required.


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