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Monitoring Protocol Block; Protocol Block State After Configuration And Load; Protocol Block Status Parameters - Honeywell Experion PKS User Manual

Profibus gateway module.
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6.10 Monitoring Protocol Block

In this section, the state and command parameters of the Protocol Blockare listed for quick reference. For detailed
information about these parameters, you need to refer to the PROFIBUS Gateway Module Parameter Reference
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6.10.1 Protocol Block state after configuration and load

When the PGM block is loaded, the Protocol Blocks are also loaded along with the PGM block.
Main tab
The PB Link State (STATE) will be "ONLINE" after the successful load of the Protocol Block. Also, the
PROFIBUS Master section will display the appropriate firmware version and date, boot version, and CPU load.
Field Network Status tab
The Field Network Master State (MASTERSTATE) will be "OPERATE."
The Field Network State (BUSTATE) will be "RUNNING" if the PGM is communicating with at least one
slave device. Otherwise, the status will be "STOPPED." If the network configuration is not created, the
status will be "IDLE."
The Slave State (SLAVESTATE) will be "OK" indicating that the master is in cyclic data exchange with all
the configured slave devices. If there is at least one slave device missing or if the slave device has a
diagnostic request pending, the status will be "FAILED."
Global State Field (GLOBALSTATE) - If there is a notified error at the PROFIBUS master or the slave
devices, the respective LED will appear in red. For example, if the PROFIBUS network cable is
disconnected from the PGM, the NON-EXCHANGE-ERROR LED will appear red.
The Error and Slave Details section will display the number of configured slave devices and the number of
active slave devices in the network. Also, it will display the number of diagnostic issues, if any.
Slave Status tab
The Slave Status tab will display the slave device status with the corresponding LEDs.
If the slave devices are communicating with the master, the corresponding LEDs will appear green.
If the slave devices are in a fault state, the corresponding LEDs will appear red.
If the slave devices have diagnostics, the corresponding LEDs will appear yellow.

6.10.2 Protocol Block status parameters

PBLink State (STATE)
The STATE parameter displays the state of the Protocol Block.


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