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Ungrouping Grouped Modules - Honeywell Experion PKS User Manual

Profibus gateway module.
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The following figure displays a sample virtual tag name for the grouped modules.
You cannot group IO modules if one or more IO modules have PDC references in DSB. The network
configuration tool does not display any error message if you group IO modules that have PDC references in DSB.
Also, when you group such modules the status bar displays the status as save operation succeeded and also the
virtual group is created. This virtual group exists even after you close and reopen the Address Management page.
However, when you close the Protocol Block configuration form and reopen it, you can notice that the grouping
was not successful and the virtual group is not displayed.
7. Click OK to close the Address Management page.
8. Click OK to close the Field Network Configuration tab.

6.6.4 Ungrouping grouped modules

Perform the following steps to ungroup the grouped modules.
1. Click the Field Network Configuration tab of the Protocol Block configuration form.
2. Double-click the master in the Network view.
3. Click Address Management in the Navigation area.
After the modules are grouped, you can click the Lock all slaves button to lock the modules at the current
configured address. You can click the Unlock all slaves button to unlock the locked modules.
To add or delete a module in a slave that is locked and does not have any reserved memory area, you must
unlock the other slaves. However, to modify the network configuration during runtime without causing a break
in the V0 process data delivery to other slave devices, you must lock the other slaves.
To add or delete a slave or a module that is locked and has a reserved memory area, you do not have to unlock
the particular slave. The length of the reserved memory is automatically adjusted with the memory area of the
module or the slave that you have added or deleted. In addition, this does not cause any break in the V0
process data delivery to other slaves.


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