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Honeywell Experion PKS User Manual Page 172

Profibus gateway module.
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CHSTATUS - The status (CHSTATUS) parameter will display the status of the channel. The status bytes are
displayed according to the Fieldbus Foundation variable status byte. The status of the good analog and
digital input channels is "Good_NonCascade." Similarly, the status of the good analog and digital output
channels is "GoodCasc_NonSpecific."
CHLOWRANGE/CHHIGHRANGE - You can modify the channel low range (CHLOWRANGE) and
channel high range (CHHIGHRANGE) only from the Project view. However, if the PDC is associated with
a PIOMB, you cannot modify the ranges.
CHDATARAW/CHDATAREAL - The analog input/output data values will appear in the Numeric Raw
Data (CHDATARAW) and the Floating Point Value (CHDATAREAL) columns as numeric raw data values
and as scaled floating point values respectively.
CHDATABOOL - The digital input/output values will be represented as 1 or 0 in the Ch data Boolean
(CHDATABOOL) column (the check box will be selected or cleared).
Diagnostics tab
The Diagnostics tab is only applicable to the Siemens AS-i Link DSB. This tab provides the following
Internal error
External error
Unexpected slave configuration
AS-Interface voltage low
Hardware error
DP/AS-i Link module is offline
EEPROM is defective
Slave errors (Segment 1)
Slave errors (Segment 2)
Note that even though the status of the Slave errors of Segment 1 and Segment 2 are displayed as OK in the
Diagnostics tab, it does not indicate that a slave device exists at that position. This only implies that no errors have
been received.
PKW Information tab
The PKW information tab is only applicable to the DRIVEDSB. This tab provides the following information.
Number of slave interrupts
Number of PKW Response Errors
Last PKW Error Response ID
Last PKW Error ID
Extended Diagnostics tab
The Extended Diagnostics tab is only applicable to the Generic DSBs. Generic DSBs support visualization of
slave extended diagnostics as per RIO profile.
Extended diagnostics tab contains three groups.
ModuleStatus - The ModuleStatus group displays diagnostics conforming to RIO standard. Each row in the
ModuleStatus group displays error for one slot. This group displays the following parameters.
– MODULEERRSLOTNUM - This parameter indicates which slot on the physical IO rack is faulty.
– MODULEERRTYPE - This parameter indicates the error type on the slot. The error type conforms to
RIO standards.


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