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Figure A-1 Windows Task Management Screen - NEC NRS Expanded Series Configuration Manual

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NVR Configuration Guide (Advanced) for NRS Expanded Series
3. Verify the PC hardware is adequate for live view.
Press Ctrl, Alt and Delete simultaneously to enter the windows task management

Figure A-1 Windows Task Management Screen

Select the Performance tab; check the status of the CPU and Memory.
If the resource is not adequate, end some unnecessary processes.
4. Check if the fault is solved using the steps above.
If solved, finish the process.
If not, contact engineer from our company for additional troubleshooting.
When using the NVR to receive the live view audio, there is no sound, too
much noise or the volume is too low.
Possible Reasons:
Cable between the pickup and IP camera is not securely connected; the impedance
does not match or is incompatible.
The stream type is not set as Video & Audio.
The encoding standard is not supported by the NVR.
Corrective Actions:
1. Verify the cable between the pickup and IP camera is securely connected; the
impedance matches and is compatible.
Log in the IP camera directly and turn the audio on. Check if the sound is normal. If
not, please contact the manufacturer of the IP camera.
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