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Honeywell KMD-150 Pilot's Manual Page 43

Multifunction display/gps.
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Getting Started
REQUIRED: Sets min-
imum runway surface
required for ten nearest
EXT TRACK: Turns on
or off the extended track
line, which is drawn
ahead of your present
position in the direction of
your present track.
AUTO ZOOM: Turns on
or off. When flying the
last leg of a Flight Plan or when flying a DIRECT TO, as soon as the dis-
tance to the destination drops below 1/2 the scale bar setting, the unit
automatically zooms. Auto Zoom can be disabled by simply pressing the
AUTO DECLUTTER: Turns on or off. If a higher priority icon label
(Airport) is found to clash with a lower priority icon label (City) already on
the screen, the lower priority icon label will be removed.
KEY BEEP: Turns the key beep on or off.
LOGGING RATE: Sets the rate in seconds at which you log your posi-
tion and loads it into a 2000 point cyclic memory. To log a specific flight
use the CLEAR LOG key, in the Clear Memory screen. (Please refer to
Clear Memory
section). The flight can be replayed in DEMO MODE.
(Refer to the Selecting
POSITION REF: Defines the reference to which your position is given in
MAP MODE, either to all available data, VORs only or VORs and
Airports only.
The following screens are accessed by repeatedly pressing the NEXT
key. They allow you to choose the level of zoom at which you wish each
of the classes of data to become visible and at which level of zoom you
want their corresponding labels to become visible. You can set many of
the data classes display colors for both Topo On and Topo Off display
modes and also set the icon or line style for several of the data classes.
Any changes made in any of these screens will be saved once the SAVE
& EXIT key has been pressed. At any time the RESET VALUES key
can be pressed to return your unit to the default settings on that partic-
ular screen. If you wish to reset all setup options to their default setting
press the CLEAR SETUP key in Clear Memory screen.
Rev 1 Mar/2000
KMD 150 Pilot's Guide


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