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Manual User Waypoint Editing; Screen 9: Manual User Waypoint Edit Screen - Honeywell KMD-150 Pilot's Manual

Multifunction display/gps.
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Flight Planning Screens
words [FPLN LINK] will be printed next to the user waypoint number. It
is necessary to think carefully before editing any user waypoint marked
FPLN LINK since any changes you make to the user waypoint are liable
also to affect one or more of the programmed flight plans.
If a user waypoint marked FPLN LINK is selected for editing and the
Name only is changed, the new name will be copied over to the relevant
parts of the flight plan list. If the name is left the same and the Latitude
and/or Longitude only is changed, the new details will also be copied into
the flight plan list. However, if the Name is changed, along with either the
Latitude or Longitude the user waypoint will be treated as completely
new and the details will not be copied to the flight plan list.
This would result in your being left with waypoints in your Flight Plans
that do not exist as user waypoints. This can be beneficial in some
cases as it makes it possible to double the number of user points in the
system to 1000, but it is essential to understand this feature thoroughly
and to use it carefully.
Key 1 will return to the main Flight Planning Mode Cover Screen. Once
a user waypoint has been selected, Key 2 gives access to the Manual
User Waypoint Editing facilities. Key 3, NEW WPT shall invoke the
Manual User Waypoint editing with the next available empty waypoint.
Key 5 displays
Screen 10,
which is the Graphical User Waypoint Editing
Screen. This shows a map on which the selected user waypoint is cen-
tral. If the selected user waypoint is empty, the map will default to the last
fix position.


in Main Menu, followed
by USER WPTS and
EDIT, accesses this
Screen. On entry to this
Screen a cursor appears
over the word NAME.
The cursor can be moved
up and down between
ICON using the joystick.
The joystick is again used
to move the cursor to the
right so that the user way-
Screen 9: Manual User Waypoint Edit
point name, latitude, longi-
tude and icon type can be
entered or amended, again by using the joystick.
Rev 1 Mar/2000
KMD 150 Pilot's Guide


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