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Arrival At An Enroute User Waypoint; Enroute Screen - Honeywell KMD-150 Pilot's Manual

Multifunction display/gps.
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Map Mode with Nav Information


To set the radius for the
Arrival Alarm you should
refer to the data on
Screen 23,
NAV Mode
Customization Screen.
remaining to run to an
enroute user waypoint
falls below the Arrival
Alarm value, the [WPT
ALERT] flag is displayed
and the internal and
switched on) beep at a
Screen 48: NAV Information and WPT
rate of 2Hz for 5 seconds.
IMMINENT Flags Showing - Enroute
To make the change to
NEXT LEG you have to
press Key 1 and if you
wish to silence the alarm before the 5 seconds are up, simply press Key
5, the label of which has meantime changed to ALARM OFF. When the
alarm is switched off automatically after 5 seconds, Key 5 will go blank
and have no function for 2 seconds then revert to DIRECT TO. This is a
safety measure to prevent you from inadvertently selecting DIRECT TO
mode by pressing the key just as it is canceling automatically.
Once you have pressed Key 1 to select the next leg,
Screen 47
appears showing all the relevant information for the new leg. The next
leg of the flight plan will now be displayed as a solid line.
If you pass the WPT, the flag will change to [WPT PASSED]. If the unit
has been set up for AUTO NEXT LEG in
Screen 23,
then as the WPT is
passed the unit will automatically revert to
Screen 47
with all the new leg
information. Key 1 will go blank and inactive for two seconds then revert
When the WPT ALERT alarm has been given, a new box will appear at
the bottom of the screen showing the new course [SET NEW CRS XXX]
to steer for the next leg of the flight plan. The next leg of the flight plan
will also be displayed as a dotted line.
Prior to reaching a user waypoint within a flight plan, Turn Anticipation
provides navigation along a curved path segment to ensure a smooth
transition between two adjacent legs in the flight plan. The curved path
segment is based upon the aircraft's ground speed and the amount of
course angle change between the legs.
Turn Anticipation will only work if it is selected ON in
Screen 23,
Mode Customization Screen, and if the course change is greater than 5°
Rev 1 Mar/2000
KMD 150 Pilot's Guide


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