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Honeywell Bendix/King KMD 550 Pilot's Manual Addendum

Multi-function display terrain function (egpws)
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KMD 550/850
Multi-Function Display
Terrain Function(EGPWS)
Pilot's Guide Addendum
For Software Version 01/13 or later
Revision 3 Jun/2004


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Summary of Contents for Honeywell Bendix/King KMD 550

  • Page 1 KMD 550/850 Multi-Function Display Terrain Function(EGPWS) Pilot’s Guide Addendum For Software Version 01/13 or later Revision 3 Jun/2004 006-18236-0000...
  • Page 2 Reproduction of this publication or any portion thereof by any means without the express written permission of Honeywell International Inc. is prohibited. For further information contact the Manager, Technical Publications; Honeywell Business & General Aviation; One Technology Center; 23500 West 105th...
  • Page 3 Revision History Manual KMD 550/850 Terrain Function (EGPWS) Pilot’s Guide Addendum Revision 3, June 2004 Part Number 006-18236-0000 Summary Added Geodetic Sea Level (GSL) Miscellaneous corrections...
  • Page 4 Revision History Manual KMD 550/850 Terrain Function (EGPWS) Pilot’s Guide Addendum Revision 2, September 2001 Part Number 006-18236-0000 Summary Complete manual revision Miscellaneous corrections...
  • Page 5 Revision History Manual KMD 550/850 Terrain Function (EGPWS) Pilot’s Guide Addendum Revision 1, April 2001 Part Number 006-18236-0000 Summary Added Auto Pop-Up feature Miscellaneous corrections...
  • Page 6 Revision History Manual KMD 550/850 Terrain Function (EGPWS) Pilot’s Guide Addendum Revision 0, October 2000 Part Number 006-18236-0000 Summary This is the original release of this publication.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents INTRODUCTION ..........1 NORMAL OPERATION .
  • Page 8 Table of Contents Intentionally left blank Rev 2 September/2001 KMD 550/850 Terrain Addendum...
  • Page 9: Introduction

    EGPWS data please reference the pilot’s guide that is provided with the EGPWS sensor. The Bendix/King KMD 550/850 is shown below with the Terrain Page selected. Rev 3 Jun/2004 KMD 550/850 Terrain Addendum...
  • Page 10: Normal Operation

    NORMAL OPERATION To display the terrain page press the TERR function select key. The following illustration defines the data that appears on the Terrain Display Page: 1 Display Range - RNG:###nm 2 Terrain Awareness State - Displays EGPWS TEST when self-test is active, TERR FAIL when terrain is INOP due to a fault, TERR N/A when terrain is not available (no fault) and TERR INHBT when Terrain Awareness Warnings have been manually inhibited.
  • Page 11: Kmd 550/850 Terrain Page (Egpws) Operational Controls

    KMD 550/850 TERRAIN PAGE (EGPWS) OPERA- TIONAL CONTROLS MODE - Toggles between Warnings Inhibited and Warnings Enabled. Not available in all installations. RNGL/RNGM - Advances the indicator to the next range. The upper button increases range, the lower button decreases it. The EGPWS display ranges are: 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320 nm.
  • Page 12: Egpws Overview

    GPS receiver itself. With Selective Availability turned off as currently, the accuracy is usually better than 75 feet and with Selective Availability turned on, short term accuracy is on the order of 400 feet, but the geo- metric altitude should be within 100 feet. EGPWS OVERVIEW TERRAIN AWARENESS DISPLAY Graphical display of EGPWS terrain and obstacle data is the most impor-...
  • Page 13 The following figure shows the Terrain Display color patterns when the aircraft is at higher altitudes, where terrain is a least 250 feet below the aircraft altitude for the display range selected by the pilot. The system will adjust colors on the Terrain Display automatically as the aircraft altitude changes.
  • Page 14 The most important function of the system is to provide the pilot with easily interpreted information about terrain/obstacles relative to the air- craft, and thus increase the pilot’s Situational Awareness. In brief, when using the Terrain Display during flight, the normal presentation of green, yellow and red colors indicate: GREEN colors...
  • Page 15: Example Flight

    EXAMPLE FLIGHT To demonstrate the use of the terrain page we will look at a sample flight from McElroy Airport (20V) to KGNB in Colorado. This flight goes down a mountain pass with high terrain on both sides. Prior to take off the EGPWS can be tested by putting it into self test which is can be done by a remote mounted TEST switch for the EGPWS, or by putting the Outer Rotary Knob into the TST position (if available).
  • Page 16 NOTE: Some EGPWS units get their position from an onboard navigator, such as an FMS, which must be on and outputting position. Once the EGPWS has acquired its position and while we are still sitting on the ramp at 20V we will not have enough ground speed for the EGPWS to determine the aircraft’s track so the terrain display will be ori- ented in a north up view as shown.
  • Page 17 If we want to see more details of terrain in front of us we can switch to the 120 degree view by pushing the VIEW Power Key. Pushing the VIEW key again will return us to the 360 degree view. If our aircraft has a stormscope installed and connected to the KMD 550/850 we can check to see if there are thunderstorms ahead.
  • Page 18 If we reduced our altitude to 8,400 Ft MSL then we would generate a Terrain Warning. The following figure shows an example of how a terrain warning looks on the Terrain Display page. Depending on how your EGPWS is configured it may automatically reduce the range scale in the event of a warning to show more detail on the nearby terrain.
  • Page 19: Terrain Inhibit Switch

    The KMD 550/850 will display the following possible EGPWS pop up messages: Title Text Color TERRAIN ALERT Caution obstacle. Black text, yellow background TERRAIN ALERT Caution terrain. Black text, yellow background TERRAIN WARNING Obstacle ahead. White text, red background TERRAIN WARNING Terrain ahead. White text, red background If a pop up message is shown, then pushing the TERR function select key will reselect the Terrain Page.
  • Page 20: Set Function

    SET FUNCTION Note: This feature is not available for all installations. The SET function allows setting of four EGPWS discretes. The softkeys that are available are dependent on the particular aircraft installation. There is an annunciator indicating when each of the four discretes is set. The following figure shows an example of all four discretes configured and set.
  • Page 21: Loss Of Valid Egpws Data

    LOSS OF VALID EGPWS DATA If another page of the KMD 550/850 is being viewed and the EGPWS data becomes invalid the following message will be displayed. This may indicate that the EGPWS no longer has a valid GPS position. It could also indicate a problem with the EGPWS unit or the installation wiring.
  • Page 22: Inconsistent Positions

    INCONSISTENT POSITIONS The EGPWS sensor may use a different position source than the GPS sensor that is used by the KMD 550/850 for its map display. In the unlikely event that these two positions are significantly different, the fol- lowing message will be displayed: Since the two positions are different, all overlays on the Terrain page will be disabled.
  • Page 23 Honeywell International Inc. One Technology Center 23500 West 105th Street Olathe, KS 66061 Telephone (913) 782-0400 FAX 913-712-1302 Copyright ©2000, 2001, 2004 Honeywell International Inc. All rights reserved. 006-18236-0000 Printed in U.S.A. Revision 3 Jun/2004...

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