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Changing The Database Card; Minimum Safe Altitudes (msa); Flight Plan Building - Honeywell KMD-150 Pilot's Manual

Multifunction display/gps.
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Database Cards


To change the database card follow these simple steps:
1. Switch your KMD 150 unit off.
2. Grasp the database card by its tag and pull it straight out of its socket.
3. Insert the new database card being careful to align the card with the
socket then press the new card firmly into place.
4. Switch the unit on and check for correct operation.
Screen 56
may be
displayed if changes to information featured in your Flight Plans are
detected. Please refer to the New Database Card Warning in


Included in the Jeppesen data supplied on your database card is Grid
Minimum Off Route Altitude (Grid MORA) data. The correct use of this
data is very important for terrain avoidance and hence requires some fur-
ther explanation.
This data is split into a series of one degree squares tiles for the entire
world. The Grid MORA provides reference point clearance within these
tiles. Jeppesen define a reference point as a natural (peak, knoll, hill,
etc) or man-made (tower, stack, tank, building, etc) object.
Jeppesen state that Grid MORA values clear all reference points by
1000 feet in areas where the highest reference points are 5000 feet MSL
or lower. MORA values clear all reference points by 2000 feet in areas
where the highest reference points are 5001 feet MSL or higher. Grid
MORAs are defined for all areas.
In KMD 150 the Grid MORA information is used in two ways to derive
Minimum Safe Altitudes (MSA), firstly during Flight Plan building and
secondly during actual flight.


screen 12,
the Flight Plan Program / Edit Screen, as the cursor is
moved up and down the Flight Plan, the MSA for that leg is shown in a
box below the LEG and FPLN info box as [LEG MSA: XXXX]. This value
is the highest value Grid MORA found along a ten mile wide corridor
(including 5 miles past the waypoint) centered along each leg. Also
shown is the [RTE MSA: XXXX] which is the highest value leg MSA for
the entire Flight Plan.
Rev 1 Mar/2000
KMD 150 Pilot's Guide


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