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Flight Planning Screens; User Waypoints; Basic User Waypoints; Marker User Waypoints - Honeywell KMD-150 Pilot's Manual

Multifunction display/gps.
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Flight Planning Screens

These screens are not available in External GPS Mode (see section 6 for
details of flight plans in External GPS mode). In order to allow you to
navigate along pre-planned Flight Plans, your KMD 150 has facilities to
memorize up to 500 user waypoints. Using these user waypoints
together with the enormous built-in database you can then plan up to 99
Flight Plans. The maximum length of each flight plan is limited only by
the total number of flight plans stored. The equipment has a capacity to
store up to 500 flight plan points with a maximum number of user way-
points in any one flight plan of 99.
For example, you can program 99 flight plans, each with 5 waypoints
making a total of just under 500 flight plan waypoints or you could pro-
gram 5 flight plans each with 99 waypoints. If you attempt to exceed 500
waypoints the unit will display a FLIGHT PLANS FULL message.
For simple single-leg navigation there is a useful "direct to" or DIRECT
TO navigation mode. This allows you to fly from your present position
directly to any point in the world. More details about this function are dis-
cussed in the
Map Mode Screens
Section of this manual.
All user waypoints and flight plans are normally programmed before
embarking on the trip and stored in the unit's user waypoint and flight
plan library.


A user waypoint is a specific location anywhere in the world, defined by
an icon, a name of up to nine letters or numbers and by a latitude and
longitude. In your KMD 150 there are three types of user-defined user
waypoints, each with a specific function.


These are purely user-defined points. These are used in flight plan
building, along with data points from the internal database, or simply to
add personalized points to your map. A large choice of icon styles are


Marker User Waypoints are also user-defined waypoints. These can be
configured to act as alarm trigger markers. For example, say you are
flying a Flight Plan and you know you have to make a radio call or initiate
a climb at a specific point. A Marker User Waypoint can be positioned at
that location (but not included in the Flight Plan) and be set up to trigger
an alarm. If a user waypoint is to be used as an alarm trigger, when it is
programmed it is given the name MARKERX.X (by pressing the
MARKER key). The word MARKER here specifies to the software that
Rev 1 Mar/2000
KMD 150 Pilot's Guide


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