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Self Test And Initialization - Honeywell KMD-150 Pilot's Manual

Multifunction display/gps.
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Title and Help Screens


When the Title Screen is initially displayed, no key labels are drawn while
a series of internal check routines are carried out automatically by the
unit. These are:
1. Verification that the unit has been factory initialized. This consists of a
check to see if there is a special code in NVM. If there is no initialization
code in the NVM a message saying UNIT NOT INITIALIZED will be
printed across the center of the Screen and the unit will be totally dis-
abled. This is a security feature, safeguarding against theft of the unit
and attempted erasure of your PIN from the NVM. (If your unit is stolen
and the NVM is erased or replaced in an attempt to reset the PIN, the
thief will still not be able to use or sell the unit because these special high
security factory initialization codes will be missing.)
2. A check for RAM corruption. If RAM has been lost or corrupted due
to a severe 'glitch' or loss of power in the memory battery a RAM clear
will be performed on the affected areas and
Screen 51,
Ram Lost
Warning Screen, will be displayed (Refer to
Appendix 1).
3. A check of the internal Lithium battery voltage. If the internal battery
voltage is low,
Screen 52,
Internal Battery Warning Screen, will be dis-
played (Refer to
Appendix 1).
4. A check to see whether the Automatic Power-On Lock function has
been enabled (see
Screen 26
for further details). If it is enabled,
Power On Security PIN Entry Screen, will be displayed after 5 sec-
onds (or if any key is pressed before this). If when switched on it is
found that three unsuccessful attempts have been made to enter the
Unlock PIN,
Screen 55,
Lockout Screen, will be displayed (Refer to
Appendix 1).
5. A check to see if a new database card has been fitted. This involves
comparing the software version number held in NVM with that of the cur-
rent database Card. If a change of card is detected, the integrity of all
Flight Plans will be checked and if any discrepancies are found
Flight Plan Change Warning Screen, will be displayed (Refer to
Appendix 1).
6. The internal GPS receiver circuitry will be tested and if any problems
are found, a NO REPLY message will be indicated in the STATUS field
Screen 3,
GPS Status Screen.
If the unit passes the 6 previous checks no warnings will be given, the
key labels will be drawn.
Rev 1 Mar/2000
KMD 150 Pilot's Guide


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