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Non-fatal Faults; Recoverable Faults; Heading Related Faults; Non-recoverable Faults - Honeywell KMD-150 Pilot's Manual

Multifunction display/gps.
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Stormscope Operation
If the KMD 150 receives an error message, an ERROR warning mes-
sage will be displayed at the top of the Stormscope screen followed by
an error number.
If you receive one of these error warnings, make a note of the error
number and report it to your authorized Stormscope dealer as soon as

Non-Fatal Faults

If a non-fatal fault occurs, all functions not directly affected by the fault
will continue to operate and the ERROR message will remain on screen.
You should see your authorized Stormscope dealer as soon as possible
to correct the fault.

Recoverable Faults

A recoverable fault is one that allows the affected functions to automati-
cally resume proper operation after the fault goes away. The error mes-
sage will disappear within 10 seconds after the fault goes away. The fol-
lowing is an example of a recoverable fault.
Heading-Related Faults
During a heading fault, the KMD 150 will automatically revert to using
GPS track information (assuming you are moving in excess of 3 knots) in
lieu of the now failed heading information. The ERROR message will
stay on screen until the heading fault clears.

Non-Recoverable Faults

A non-recoverable fault will allow you to continue operation, but without
the function that is affected by the fault. The affected function will not
resume proper operation until the system is turned off and repaired.

Fatal Faults

If a fatal fault occurs, all Stormscope functions will cease to operate and
the message "NO STORMSCOPE DATA" will appear. In this case, turn
the WX-500 off and see your authorized Stormscope dealer for service.
Rev 1 Mar/2000
KMD 150 Pilot's Guide


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