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Honeywell KMD-150 Pilot's Manual Page 17

Multifunction display/gps.
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Data List: an ordered list of data elements which a given cursor field
can accept
Desired Track: The angle that the desired flight path makes with
respect to true north at the point nearest the present position. Magnetic
desired track uses the local magnetic variation.
Destination: If the active user waypoint is not in the active flight plan,
the active user waypoint is the destination. If the active user waypoint is
in the active flight plan, the final user waypoint in the flight plan is the
Distance To Waypoint (DIS): distance from the present position to the
active waypoint
Enroute Safe Altitude: the highest minimum safe altitude which will be
encountered for a given flight path (present position to destination, via
flight plan if appropriate; or a flight path being analyzed by trip planning)
Flashing: active for .75 sec (.05 sec, inactive for .25 sec (.05 sec
Ground Speed: absolute value of the rate of change of position
Headwind: difference between true airspeed and ground speed when
true airspeed is more than ground speed
Knots: Nautical Miles/hr
Minimum Safe Altitude: Minimum safe altitude is the highest minimum
off route altitude for any sector within a 10 nm square centered at a given
position. A minimum off route altitude of 7000 feet or less clears all
known obstructions and terrain in a sector by 1000 feet; a minimum off
route altitude greater than 7000 feet clears all terrain by 2000 feet. A
sector is an area bounded by a 1o latitude/longitude grid.
Scrolling Region: a set of consecutive cursor fields which display a
portion of a scroll list; "scroll up" means that the data item in each cursor
field in the scrolling region moves to the preceding cursor field. The data
item in the first cursor field disappears from the page, and the last cursor
field displays the next item in the scroll list; "scroll down" is the opposite.
If there is other data associated with the data in the cursor fields (such as
user waypoint numbers in flight plans), it also moves.
Selected Course: The angle that the desired flight path makes with
respect to true north at the active user waypoint. Magnetic selected
course uses the magnetic variation at the active user waypoint; if the
active user waypoint is a VOR, the magnetic variation stored for that
VOR is used.
Special Use Airspace: any of the following: prohibited area, restricted
area, warning area, alert area, MOA, Class CARSA, Class BTCA,
unknown, danger, caution, training, CTA, or TMA type
Rev 1 Mar/2000
KMD 150 Pilot's Guide


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