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Demo Mode; Screen 20: Demo Mode Setup Screen - Honeywell KMD-150 Pilot's Manual

Multifunction display/gps.
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Demo Mode

Demo Mode is only avail-
able for those units with
an internal GPS selected
as the GPS Source.
To allow you to practice
all aspects of navigation
on the ground and to
become familiar with han-
dling it, your unit can be
used as a simulator by
selecting its fully func-
tioning Demo Mode.
Using this mode you can
also replay your logged

Screen 20: Demo Mode Setup Screen

flight data.
This Demo Mode Screen can be accessed by pressing Key 3, DEMO
MODE, on
Screen 1,
Title Screen, provided that, since the time you
switched it on, your KMD 150 has not received valid satellite information
from its internal GPS receiver.
When you enter Demo Mode you will find a cursor over the word LAT.
You can then use the joystick to set up the latitude and longitude for any
point from which you want the demo to start. (The default latitude and
longitude will be the co-ordinates of your last fix position.) Alternatively
you can press Key 3 and select a start point from the built in database.
You can also set the airspeed at which you want to fly the demo to any-
thing between 000 and 999 Knots.
Once you have set your position and speed, if you press Key 5 you will
Screen 38,
Map Mode, displayed and you are ready to start Demo
Mode. All map Screens that you access while Demo Mode is switched
on will, for safety reasons, have a DEMO MODE warning box displayed
to ensure you do not use them while in the air.
If you wish to replay the flight data logged into your unit, set the airspeed
as explained previously then press Key 4.
Screen 50
will then be dis-
played with the logged data being replayed at the specified speed. This
allows long flight plans to be replayed in fast motion.
In the interest of safety, Demo Mode will be automatically cancelled
if the KMD 150 receives valid fix information from the internal GPS.
Rev 1 Mar/2000
KMD 150 Pilot's Guide


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