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Screen 22a: Point Features Data Class Setup Screen - Honeywell KMD-150 Pilot's Manual

Multifunction display/gps.
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Setup Screens
lower priority icon label will be removed. This prevents icon label over-
laps and clashes and hence declutters the map.
KEY BEEP: This allows you to select the beep that occurs when you
press a key or move the joystick on or off.
LOGGING RATE: This gives you the choice of how often your position
is stored in memory for playback in Demo Mode or to a PC. A setting of
000 switches the logging function off. A total of 2000 fixes are stored in
continuous wrap around memory (i.e. newest data overwrites oldest). To
calculate total logging time, divide 2000 by the logging rate per minute
(30 sec logging rate = 2 per minute). This will give the total logging time
in seconds (i.e. 2000 points divided by 2 = 1000 minutes = 16 hours 40
POSITION REF: This is the geographical item used to describe your
position to you in Map Mode. Please refer to the
Map Mode Screens
Section of this manual for more details.
Screens 22A,
the Data Class
accessed by repeatedly
pressing Key 5, NEXT. If
there are two many items
to be displayed on any of
the data class screens
they will be split across
two screens. It is impos-
sible to include every
item from the database
within the graphic map
display, especially when
Screen 22A: Point Features Data Class
zoomed out to the smaller
Setup Screen
scale maps. The Data
Class Setup Screens
allows you to choose the level of zoom at which you wish each of the
classes of data to become visible and at which level of zoom you want
their corresponding labels to become visible. You can also select dif-
ferent aircraft icons to represent your present position when in Track Up
mode, however zoom level settings are not available for the aircraft icon
because it must be visible at all zoom levels. You can set many of the
data classes display colors for both Topo On and Topo Off display
modes and also set the icon or line style for several of the data classes.
Not all point features are available in all database regions. Only those
listed on your unit are available for display in your database region.
Rev 1 Mar/2000
KMD 150 Pilot's Guide


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