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Honeywell KMD-150 Pilot's Manual Page 107

Multifunction display/gps.
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Setup Screens
be switched off. If selected OFF, the CDI is no longer shown while you
are in Map Mode.
CDI ALARM: When selected ON this produces an audible alarm to tell
you when full-scale deflection of the CDI has been reached. If you
choose to set this to OFF, you disable this alarm.
WPT ALERT: You can use this feature to set the distance away from
your destination user waypoint at which you wish the audio and visual
arrival alarm to be activated. This value is always in nautical miles.
AUTO LEG SELECT: If you select this ON, the unit will automatically
place the cursor on the closest leg when
Screen 12,
Flight Plan
Program/Edit Screen, is accessed to select the Flight Plan. Although the
nearest leg to your present position is highlighted, an alternative leg may
be selected by using the joystick. If AUTO LEG SELECT is switched
OFF the cursor will simply be positioned over the first leg in the Flight
Plan whenever
Screen 12
is selected.
AUTO NEXT LEG: If you select this option ON then, as each user way-
point in the Flight Plan is passed, the next leg will be automatically
selected. You thus do not need to press Key 1 (the NEXT LEG Key) as
this function produces the same effect automatically. If you select AUTO
NEXT LEG to OFF, you will then need to activate the next leg in the
Flight Plan manually by pressing Key 1 (the NEXT LEG Key) at the end
of each leg, otherwise your unit will continue to give you distance and
bearing information to your previous waypoint.
TURN ANTICIPATION: Turn Anticipation provides navigation along a
curved path segment to ensure a smooth transition between two adja-
cent legs in the flight plan. If turned ON, Auto Next Leg will also auto-
matically turn on. Auto Next Leg is an essential part of turn anticipation.
Please refer to Arrival at an Enroute User Waypoint in the
Map Mode
with NAV Information
Screens Section of this manual for more details.
FLIGHT PLAN DISPLAY: Allows all legs in the active Flight Plan to be
displayed or just the active Flight Plan leg to be displayed when flying a
Flight Plan.
INTERNAL (WPT and CDI) ALARM: This gives you the choice between
having these internal alarms functioning or inactive.
EXTERNAL (WPT and CDI) ALARM: This gives you the choice to
switch ON or OFF the output from the unit, which can drive an external
alarm device.
Rev 1 Mar/2000
KMD 150 Pilot's Guide


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