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Honeywell KMD-150 Pilot's Manual Page 103

Multifunction display/gps.
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Setup Screens
kilometers are selected, all lengths and altitudes will be reported in
COORD SYSTEM: This option controls whether the unit operates with
reference to Latitude/Longitude or UTM or OSGB grid references.
LANGUAGE: This is self-explanatory; it enables you to choose the lan-
guage in which you would prefer the unit to operate.
MIN R/W LENGTH: This allows you to set the minimum length of main
runway at the airports that will be displayed when you ask the unit to dis-
play the ten nearest airports. The minimum length can be specified in
steps of 1 foot from 0 to 15,000 feet. By setting a minimum length you
can force the unit to search for and display only airports with runways,
which are equal to or longer than the pre-set minimum length.
R/W SURFACE REQUIRED: R/W Surface Required is also used when
searching for the ten nearest airports in map mode. If set to hard/soft,
airports with either hard or soft runways will be displayed. If set too hard,
only airports with hard runways will be displayed and soft-runway airports
EXT TRACK: If Extended Track is turned on, you will see an extended
track line drawn ahead of your present position in the direction of your
present track. This can sometimes be useful to see just where the air-
craft would end up if the present heading were maintained. Alternatively
you can dispense with this map feature simply by selecting EXT TRACK
to OFF.
AUTO ZOOM: Auto Zoom is a useful function to use as you approach
your destination. When flying the last leg of a Flight Plan or when flying a
DIRECT TO, as soon as the distance to the destination drops below 1/2
the scale bar setting, the unit automatically zooms in so that the destina-
tion is always between 1/2 and one scale bars distance away. For
example if you were using the unit when the zoom level was set with a
15nm scale bar, once the distance to your destination dropped below
8nm (1/2 x the scale bar) the unit would automatically zoom in to 8nm.
When the DIS dropped below 4nm, the unit would zoom in to 4nm. etc.
Auto Zoom will stop zooming in when the 2nm zoom level is reached.
When the destination is reached or the Flight Plan /DIRECT TO is can-
celled, the unit will automatically revert to the 8nm zoom level. When
flying, if you want to disable Auto Zoom once it has started zooming in,
simply press the ZOOM OUT key.
AUTO DECLUTTER: This unique feature makes the map more read-
able in areas of high data density by removing unimportant icon labels.
Each time the map is redrawn, the data displayed is built up in layers
starting with the least important data classes (towns etc) and building up
through to the most important data class (airports). If Auto Declutter is
switched on, as the map is being built, if a higher priority icon label is
found to clash with a lower priority icon label already on the screen, the
Rev 1 Mar/2000
KMD 150 Pilot's Guide


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