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Honeywell KMD-150 Pilot's Manual Page 69

Multifunction display/gps.
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If AIRPORTS was selected on
over the word ICAO:. Airports may be selected by ICAO code, airport
name or associated city name and in addition, once an airport has been
selected, a particular runway threshold at that airport can be selected. If
you wish to select an airport by name or associated city name, use the
joystick to move the cursor down to name then right to the first character.
If you wish to select a specific runway threshold, move the cursor down
to R/W then right to the word NONE. Moving the joystick up or down will
now allow you to select a specific runway threshold (if threshold informa-
tion is available for that airport in the Jeppesen database).
When selecting names, use the joystick to scroll the initial letters through
the alphabet. Once the required initial letter has been selected, move
the joystick to the right and repeat the process. In this way you can scroll
through all the items from the selected database, narrowing your search
field. If you move the joystick to the left, the cursor will also move left
one step, allowing you to make another selection.
If the airport name is followed by a number of ++++ signs, this indicates
that there is more than one airport with the same name. To view the
other airports with the same name, move the cursor over the ++++ signs
then scroll up and down through the other airports with the same name
using the joystick.
On this Screen, Key 5 labeled MORE INFO gives additional information
about the selected item.
When an airport is selected but no runway, the entry into your flight plan
will be the name displayed followed by the airport's ICAO code. When a
runway is selected, the entry into your flight plan will be the airport's
ICAO code followed by the runway ident. For example, if you select
runway 22 at New Century AI, the entry to your flight plan would be KIXD
Once you have reached the desired item, touching Key 2, ENTER, will
select it and either return you to
Screen, entering the item to your flight plan or invoke the DIRECT TO
and take you to
on which entry Flight Plan to
unit is set to receive external GPS/LORAN data, Key 2 changes to MAP,
and if pressed returns to the Map screen.
If VORs, NDBs or intersections/approach waypoints were selected on
Screen 13,
Database Selection Screen, you will see a two letter ICAO
area code displayed to the right of the identifier. If you have the area
filter set to ALL, you can move the cursor over to the two letter ICAO
code and select items with similar names in other areas.
Rev 1 Mar/2000
Screen 13
Screen 47,
Map Mode with NAV Information, depending
Screen 13
Flight Planning Screens
the cursor will be positioned
Screen 12,
Flight Plan Program/Edit
you happen to have used. If the
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