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Example Of Configuring Local Port Mirroring With Multiple Monitor Ports - HP A3100-8 v2 EI Configuration Manual

A3100 v2 switch series.
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# Configure VLAN 2 as the remote probe VLAN of the mirroring group. Configure Ethernet 1/0/2 as the
monitor port of the mirroring group and assign Ethernet 1/0/2 to VLAN 2.
[DeviceC] mirroring-group 1 remote-probe vlan 2
[DeviceC] interface ethernet 1/0/2
[DeviceC-Ethernet1/0/2] mirroring-group 1 monitor-port
[DeviceC-Ethernet1/0/2] port access vlan 2
# Disable Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) in the monitor port Ethernet 1/0/2.
[DeviceA] interface ethernet 1/0/3
[DeviceA-Ethernet1/0/2] undo stp enable
Verify the configurations
After the configurations are completed, you can monitor all the packets received and sent by the
marketing department on the server.
Example of configuring local port mirroring with multiple
monitor ports
Network requirements
As shown in
1/0/1, Ethernet 1/0/2, and Ethernet 1/0/3 respectively. Configure port mirroring to enable all three
data monitoring devices, Server A, Server B, and Server C, to monitor both the incoming and outgoing
traffic of the three departments.
Figure 49 Network diagram for configuring local port mirroring with multiple monitor ports
Configuration procedure
# Create remote source mirroring group 1.
<SwitchA> system-view
[SwitchA] mirroring-group 1 remote-source
# Configure Ethernet 1/0/1 through Ethernet 1/0/3 as mirroring ports of remote source mirroring
group 1.
[SwitchA] mirroring-group 1 mirroring-port ethernet 1/0/1 to ethernet 1/0/3 both
49, Dept. A, Dept. B, and Dept. C are connected to Switch A through ports Ethernet


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