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HP A3100-8 v2 EI Configuration Manual: Configuring The Operation Modes Of Ntp; Operation Modes And Static And Dynamic Associations; Configuring Ntp Client/server Mode

A3100 v2 switch series.
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Configuring the operation modes of NTP

Devices can implement clock synchronization in one of the following modes:
Client/server mode
Symmetric mode
Broadcast mode
Multicast mode
For the client/server mode or symmetric mode, you need to configure only clients or symmetric-active
peers. For the broadcast or multicast mode, you need to configure both servers and clients.

Operation modes and static and dynamic associations

A single device can have a maximum of 128 associations at the same time, including static associations
and dynamic associations.
A static association refers to an association that a user has manually created by using an NTP
A dynamic association is a temporary association created by the system during operation. A
dynamic association is removed if the system fails to receive messages from it over a specific long
Operation modes affect the creation of associations in the following ways:
In client/server mode, when you execute a command to synchronize the time to a server, the system
creates a static association. The server will not create an association (static or dynamic), but will
simply respond passively upon the receipt of a message.
In symmetric mode, static associations are created at the symmetric-active peer side, and dynamic
associations are created at the symmetric-passive peer side.
In broadcast or multicast mode, static associations are created at the server side, and dynamic
associations are created at the client side.

Configuring NTP client/server mode

For devices working in client/server mode, perform configurations on the clients, but not on the servers.
Follow these steps to configure an NTP client:
To do...
Enter system view
Specify an NTP server for the
Use the command...
ntp-service unicast-server
{ ip-address | server-name }
[ authentication-keyid keyid |
priority | source-interface
interface-type interface-number |
version number ] *
No NTP server is specified by


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