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HP A3100-8 v2 EI Configuration Manual: Outputting Log Information To The Console

A3100 v2 switch series.
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In the configuration, local5 is the name of the logging facility used by the log host to receive logs, and
info is the information level. The Linux system will record the log information with severity level equal to
or more severe than informational to file /var/log/Device/info.log.
Be aware of the following issues while editing file /etc/syslog.conf:
Comments must be on a separate line and begin with the pound (#) sign.
No redundant spaces are allowed after the file name.
The logging facility name and the information level specified in the /etc/syslog.conf file must be
identical to those configured on the device using the info-center loghost and info-center source
commands. Otherwise the log information may not be output properly to the log host.
Step 4: After log file info.log is created and file /etc/syslog.conf is modified, you need to issue the
following commands to display the process ID of syslogd, kill the syslogd process, and restart syslogd
using the -r option to make the modified configuration take effect.
# ps -ae | grep syslogd
# kill -9 147
# syslogd -r &
Make sure that the syslogd process is started with the -r option on a Linux log host.
After the configurations, the system will be able to record log information into the log file.

Outputting log information to the console

Network requirements
Log information with a severity equal to or higher than informational will be output to the console;
The source modules are ARP and IP.
Figure 56 Network diagram for sending log information to the console
Configuration procedure
# Enable information center.
<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] info-center enable
# Use channel console to output log information to the console (optional, console by default).
[Sysname] info-center console channel console
# Disable the output of log, trap, and debugging information of all modules on channel console.
[Sysname] info-center source default channel console debug state off log state off trap
state off


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