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HP A3100-8 v2 EI Configuration Manual: Configuring Local Port Mirroring; Local Port Mirroring Configuration Task List; Creating A Local Mirroring Group

A3100 v2 switch series.
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The destination device does the following:
Receives the mirrored packets.
Compares their VLAN IDs to the ID of the remote probe VLAN configured in the remote destination
If the VLAN IDs of these mirrored packets match the remote probe VLAN ID, the device forwards
them to the data monitoring device through the monitor port.
You must ensure that the source device and the destination device can communicate at Layer 2 in the
remote probe VLAN.
For the mirrored packets to be forwarded to the monitor port, ensure that the same probe VLAN is
configured in the remote source and destination mirroring groups.
To make the port mirroring function work properly, before configuring bidirectional traffic mirroring on
a port in a mirroring group, you need to use the mac-address mac-learning disable command on the
source device, intermediate devices, and destination device to disable the MAC address learning
function for the remote port mirroring VLAN. For more information about the mac-address
mac-learning disable command, see the
For a mirrored packet to successfully arrive at the remote destination device, you need to ensure that the
VLAN ID carried in the packet is correct (the same as the probe VLAN ID). If the VLAN is removed or the
VLAN ID is changed, the Layer 2 remote port mirroring configuration becomes invalid.

Configuring local port mirroring

Local port mirroring configuration task list

Configuring local port mirroring is to configure local mirroring groups.
A local mirroring group comprises one or more mirroring ports/CPUs and one monitor port that are
located on a same device.
Complete these tasks to configure a local mirroring group:

Creating a local mirroring group

Configuring mirroring ports for the local mirroring
Configuring mirroring CPUs for the local mirroring
Configuring the monitor port for the local mirroring
Creating a local mirroring group
Follow these steps to create a local mirroring group:
Layer 2—LAN Switching Command Reference
Perform at least one of these operations, or all of them.


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