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HP A3100-8 v2 EI Configuration Manual Page 50

A3100 v2 switch series.
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<DeviceB> system-view
[DeviceB] nqa server enable
[DeviceB] nqa server udp-echo 8000
Configure Device A.
# Create a UDP echo test group.
<DeviceA> system-view
[DeviceA] nqa entry admin test
[DeviceA-nqa-admin-test] type udp-echo
# Configure UDP packets to use as the destination IP address and port 8000 as the destination
[DeviceA-nqa-admin-test-udp-echo] destination ip
[DeviceA-nqa-admin-test-udp-echo] destination port 8000
# Enable the saving of history records.
[DeviceA-nqa-admin-test-udp-echo] history-record enable
[DeviceA-nqa-admin-test-udp-echo] quit
# Start UDP echo tests.
[DeviceA] nqa schedule admin test start-time now lifetime forever
# Stop UDP echo tests after a period of time.
[DeviceA] undo nqa schedule admin test
# Display the results of the last UDP echo test.
[DeviceA] display nqa result admin test
NQA entry (admin admin, tag test) test results:
Destination IP address:
Send operation times: 1
Min/Max/Average round trip time: 25/25/25
Square-Sum of round trip time: 625
Last succeeded probe time: 2007-11-22 10:36:17.9
Extended results:
Packet loss in test: 0%
Failures due to timeout: 0
Failures due to disconnect: 0
Failures due to no connection: 0
Failures due to sequence error: 0
Failures due to internal error: 0
Failures due to other errors: 0
Packet(s) arrived late: 0
# Display the history of UDP echo tests.
[DeviceA] display nqa history admin test
NQA entry (admin admin, tag test) history record(s):
Receive response times: 1
2007-11-22 10:36:17.9


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