System Lock; Water Hardness - Miele CVA 2662 CVA 2662 Operating And Installation Instructions

Coffee system
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System lock

The coffee system can be locked so
that it cannot be used by children or
those not familiar with the operating
If the appliance is locked, the
"Switch on at" function will not work.
Activating/Deactivating the system
^ Select "Settings F" from the main
menu. Confirm with OK.
^ Select "Safety" using < or >. Confirm
with OK.
^ Tap < or > until "System lock" is
highlighted. Confirm with OK.
^ Use < or > to select "On". Confirm
with OK.
The appliance is now locked and will
not operate. The display now shows a
closed padlock X and a message
whenever a button is tapped.
To deactivate the system lock, follow
the same procedure as above,
selecting "Off" instead.
Temporarily deactivating the system
^ Press and hold the OK button for
approx. 3 seconds.
The appliance is now temporarily
unlocked and drinks can be prepared.
As soon as you turn the coffee
system off again the lock will

Water hardness

The hardness of the water used in the
coffee system must be determined and
programmed into the appliance. The
water hardness will determine how
frequently the unit must be descaled to
maintain the coffee system properly.
The machine monitors the volume of
water passing through it in conjunction
with the hardness of the water and will
indicate when descaling is necessary.
Your local water authority can tell you
the hardness of your tap water or you
can measure it yourself using the
enclosed test strip.
^ Dip the test strip in the water for
1 second and shake off any
remaining water. The result is visible
in about 1 minute.
If the water hardness is greater than
40 gr/gal (40°d), the water must be
descaled more often than displayed.
Calcium will build up faster than at a
lower water hardness and may
damage the machine.

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