Preparing Hot Milk, Frothed Milk, And Cappuccino - Miele CVA 2662 CVA 2662 Operating And Installation Instructions

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Preparing hot milk, frothed
milk, and Cappuccino
This appliance includes a
Cappuccinatore, which can be used to
easily prepare warm milk, frothed milk,
and cappuccino.
Before using the cappuccinatore for
the first time, wash it either in the
dishwasher or with hot water and
liquid dish soap.
See "Cleaning and care".
Above the handle on the
cappuccinatore there is a valve a, and
a milk spout b on the side.
Cold milk is best for creating froth.
The steam is regulated by turning the
Left: hot milk is prepared
Right: froth is prepared
Be sure not to set the valve between
these two settings - this may cause
the milk to splatter.
Making coffee / espresso
Pushed in: Milk is frothed into the cup
Pulled out: Milk is frothed into the
When milk is frothed in the
cappuccinatore the froth is hotter
and has more volume.
When frothing milk into a cup while
dispensing a coffee, the steam
system must be turned on. See
"Settings - Steam system".
The steam supply is temporary. If
the steam stops and there is not
enough froth prepared, push the
steam lever up then down again.

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Table of Contents

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