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Coffee system
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Making coffee / espresso
Frothing milk into a cup
^ Pre-warm the cup before filling with
^ Push the cappuccinatore spout all
the way into the lid.
^ Turn the valve all the way to the right.
^ Fill the cappuccinatore a no higher
than the upper mark with cold milk
and cover with the lid on.
^ Place the cappuccinatore in the inset
on the drip tray, and the cup b
under the spout.
^ Slowly press the steam lever down.
The steam lever must click into the
down position - otherwise the valve is
not properly connected to the
^ Push the steam lever up when
enough froth is prepared.
Preparing a cappuccino
^ Prepare frothed milk in a cup.
^ Place the cup of frothed milk under
the coffee dispenser.
^ Use the drink selection "r" touch
control to select Espresso.
^ Select OK.
Espresso now flows through the coffee
dispenser and the cappuccino is ready.

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Table of Contents

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