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Coffee system
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Cleaning and care
Turn the machine off at the main
switch before cleaning.
Allow the coffee system to cool
before cleaning. Be aware, the water
in the drip tray will be hot.
Danger of burns!
Do not clean in the capsule plate
opening. Danger of injury.
Do not clean the unit with a steam
Never use abrasive cleaning agents.
These will damage the machine.
It is very important to clean the coffee
system on a regular basis.
The following components of the coffee
system should be cleaned after each
day of use to prevent mold and
bacteria growth.
Dishwasher safe
– Water tank
– Drip tray with grid
– Metal drip tray
– Cappuccinatore (if used)
– Waste container
Hand wash only with warm water and
liquid dish soap
– Plastic drip tray
– Capsule plate
If the parts are frequently cleaned in the
dishwasher, they may become
discolored through contact with food
particles (e.g., tomatoes, etc.). This will
not affect their performance.
See the following pages for details of
cleaning each part.

Rinsing the System

Before turning off the appliance for an
extended period of time, flush the lines,
the brewing system, the spout and the
steam vent.
When a beverage is prepared, the unit
always rinses once before turning off.
It is best to place a container
underneath the beverage nozzle and
the steam vent while the unit is rinsing.
K1 K2 K3 K4 K5 L
^ Tap < or > until "Maintenance G" is
highlighted. Confirm with OK.
^ Select "Rinse System" and confirm
with OK.
Water will now run out of the coffee
^ Press the steam lever down.
Water will now run out of the steam
^ Push the steam lever up after a few
The lines are rinsed. Drinks can either
be prepared now or the machine may
be turned off.
k C
o n

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Table of Contents

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