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Coffee system
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The coffee system is delivered with
the following factory default settings:
– Steam system (On)
– Time display (on for 60 seconds),
Clock format (24 h),
Timer: Turning on at (12:00),
Turning off after (1:00),
Turning off at (12:00),
Turning on at (deactivated)
Turning off at (deactivated)
– Lighting: Brightness (medium)
– System lock (Off)
– Water hardness (very hard 4)
– Display: Contrast (medium),
Brightness (maximum)
– Volume: Signal tones (maximum)
Button tone (maximum)
– User profile: Revert (when switched
– Allocate type:
Chamber 1 = Volluto
Chamber 2 = Arpeggio
Chamber 3 = Cosi
Chamber 4 = Roma
Chamber 5 = Decaffeinato
User profile
All user profiles entered by the user are
deleted, leaving only the standard
^ Under "User profile n" select "Reset".
Confirm with OK.
The user profiles will now be deleted.
If you inadvertently select "Reset",
turn off the appliance, the settings
will not be reset.

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Table of Contents

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