Technical Safety - Miele CVA 2662 CVA 2662 Operating And Installation Instructions

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Technical safety

Before installing the appliance
check for externally visible damage.
Do not operate a damaged appliance.
Before connecting the appliance to
the electrical supply make sure that the
voltage and frequency listed on the
data plate correspond with the
household electrical supply. If in doubt,
consult a qualified technician.
Be certain your appliance is
properly installed and grounded by a
qualified technician. To guarantee the
electrical safety of this appliance,
continuity must exist between the
appliance and an effective grounding
system. It is imperative that this basic
safety requirement be met. If there is
any doubt, have the electrical system of
the house checked by a qualified
The appliance must be properly
installed before operation to ensure that
no electrical components are
accessible. Ensure that power is not
supplied to the appliance while
installation work, repairs or
maintenance is performed.
Do not use an extension cord to
connect the appliance to electricity.
Extension cords do not guarantee the
required safety of the appliance
(danger of overheating).
This appliance must not be installed
or operated outdoors.
Before service or maintenance
disconnect the power supply by either
removing the fuse, "tripping" the circuit
breaker or unplugging the unit.
This appliance is not designed for
maritime use or for use in mobile
installations such as recreational
vehicles or aircraft. However, under
certain conditions it may be possible for
installation in these applications. Please
contact the Miele Technical Service
Department with specific requirements.
Installation work and repairs must
only be performed by a trained
technician in accordance with national
and local safety regulations. Repairs
and other work by unauthorized
persons could be dangerous and may
void the warranty.
While the appliance is under
warranty repairs should only be
performed by an authorized service
technician. Otherwise the warranty is
Defective components should be
replaced by Miele original spare parts
only. Only with these parts can the
manufacturer guarantee the safety of
the appliance.
To protect against fire, electric
shock and injury to persons do not
submerge the cord or plugs in water or
other liquids.

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