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Coffee system
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Frequently asked questions
The coffee system does not turn on, even though the "Turn on at" setting
has been activated.
Possible fault
– The system lock has been activated.
– The machine was not used 3 times in
a row after the automatic turn on.
The display is hard to read.
Adjust the contrast and/or brightness of the display, see "Settings - Display".
The door will not open or close.
Possible fault
The steam valve is not in the correct
The time of day needs to be reset.
Possible fault
The machine was unplugged or a
power failure occurred.
– Deactivate the system lock, see
"Settings - System lock".
– Turn on the appliance manually and
use as normal.
Push the steam valve down, then pull it
upwards as far as it will go.
Reset the time of day, see "Settings -
Time of day".
The preset times for turning on or off
automatically are saved and do not
need to be reset.

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