Making Coffee / Espresso - Miele CVA 2662 CVA 2662 Operating And Installation Instructions

Coffee system
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Clean the coffee system daily to
prevent bacterial growth. All parts of
the coffee system are dishwasher-
safe except for the capsule plate
and the plastic drip tray. Failure to
properly maintain machine may
cause health issues.
Rinse the water lines before
preparing the first drink of the day. If
the machine is still cold this will take
place automatically. The heating
system will heat and the water lines
will be rinsed.
^ Select On/Off s to turn the machine
The following message appears:
Heating-up phase
When the unit is heated, a message
Water will now run out of the coffee
dispenser and a noise will be heard as
the carousel aligns.
The main menu then appears in the
K1 K2 K3 K4 K5 L
o Espresso
o n G k C

Making coffee / espresso

Pre-warming the cups
Pre-warming the cups allows the coffee
to fully develop the flavor and aroma.
Use caution. Steam and hot water
are very hot.
^ Place a cup under the steam / hot
water valve.
To pre-warm with hot water
^ Select hot water "o" using < or >.
^ Confirm with OK.
^ Allow some hot water run into a cup.
^ Turn off the water by selecting OK
^ Leave the cup for a few seconds to
warm, then pour the water away.
To pre-warm with steam
^ Select heating with steam "L" using
< or >.
^ Press the steam lever down.
The steam supply is temporary. If
the steam stops prematurely push
the steam lever up then down again.
^ Push the lever up to stop the steam
from dispensing.
^ Pour away any excess water.

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Table of Contents

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