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Allocating Various Coffee Types - Miele CVA 2662 CVA 2662 Operating And Installation Instructions

Coffee system
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Twelve different Nespresso coffee
types are available for this coffee
system (as well as occasional "Limited
Edition" blends). They differentiate in
terms of acidity, fruitness, bitterness
and roast. Therefore the preparing
times will vary.
See "The Espresso / Lungo range" for
more information on the coffee types.
Allocating the coffee types
Five different coffee types can be filled
in the five chambers of the capsule
carousel. The chambers can be either
allocated to the desired coffee types or
filled with the same coffee type in all
Settings F
K1 K1 K3 K4 K5 L
^ Select "Settings F" from the main
menu. Confirm with OK.
^ Tap an arrow button until "Allocate
type" is highlighted. Confirm with OK.
^ Use the arrow buttons to select
"Chamber 1" (for example). Confirm
with OK.

Allocating various coffee types

L n G k
Several options are now available:
Select type
Allows you to select from the coffee
types which have already been
^ Use < or > to select the coffee type
you wish to allocate to the selected
chamber. Confirm with OK.
Rename type
Allows you to enter a new type of
^ Tap < or > until "Rename type" is
highlighted. Confirm with OK.
In the display you will see letters and
numbers. Use the arrow buttons to
select the desired character.
A new word will always be capitalized,
and the appliance will then switch to
lowercase letters.
^ Use < or > to select the desired
^ Confirm with OK.
You will see the selected text in the
upper line of the display.
If you misspell a word, use the
arrow buttons to select the trash can
symbol. Confirm with OK. The last
entered character will be deleted.

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Table of Contents

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