First Steps To Use - Miele CVA 2662 CVA 2662 Operating And Installation Instructions

Coffee system
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Before the first use
The appliance must be correctly
installed and connected before the
first use. See the "Installation
Clean the appliance and remove
protective foils before the first use.
See "Cleaning and Care".
Switching on
^ Select On/Off s to turn the coffee
system on.
The first few times the machine is
turned on with the main switch a
welcome screen will briefly appear in
the display, followed by other
messages. The welcome screen will be
displayed until 5 beverages have been
During the very first use, you will be
prompted to select a language.
^ Tap < or > until the desired language
appears in the display.
^ Confirm by selecting OK.
The desired language is now set.

First steps to use

Setting the clock
^ Tap < or > until the desired clock
format (12 or 24-hour clock) is
highlighted. Confirm with OK.
^ Enter the time of day: Use the arrow
buttons to first set the hour. Confirm
with OK.
^ Use the same process to set the
^ Select when you would like the time
to be displayed:
– "On": The time of day will be
displayed even if the appliance is off.
– "On for 60 seconds": When the
appliance is turned off, the time of
day will remain displayed for 60
– "Not displayed": When the
appliance is switched off, the time
display immediately goes out.
^ Select OK to confirm.
Once the settings have been entered
correctly, the display will show Set-up
^ Confirm the message with OK.

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Table of Contents

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