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Coffee system
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The descaling cannot be interrupted
once the OK button has been
pressed. The process must be
allowed to run through to
This is a safety feature to ensure the
process will be completed.
Descaling is important to increase
the life of the machine and to ensure
the best results possible.
The display will guide you through the
descaling process. Follow the prompts
(for example, empty drip tray, fill water
tank, etc.).
Do not skip any steps or remove a
part unless prompted by the
display. This will cause the program
to fault and descaling will restart.
^ Remove the water tank and fill it to
the mark k with lukewarm water.
(Do not under fill the water tank, this
will cause the descaling process to
end prematurely.)
^ Add 2 descaling tablets to the
water. Allow the descaling tablets
dissolve completely, before closing
the lid and placing the water tank
back into the appliance.
Descaling the coffee system
^ When the message appears in the
display, remove the capsule plate
and replace it with the colored
descaling funnel.
^ Place the waste container under the
steam valve and coffee dispenser to
collect the waste water.
There will be at least 5 minutes
before the descaling process starts.
This time is needed for the
descaling tablets to completely
dissolve in the water. If the process
takes longer than 5 minutes to start,
the appliance is too warm.
During the descaling process, a small
amount of water and descaling agent
will exit the steam valve and coffee
dispenser. This is followed by an
activation period, before more
descaling agent is drained. A message
in the display will appear to let you
know approximately how long the
descaling process will take.

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