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Coffee system
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The coffee system can be customized
to suit individual preferences.

Selecting a language

Settings F
K1 K1 K3 K4 K5 L
^ Select "Settings F" from the main
menu. Confirm with OK.
"Language" is now highlighted in the
^ Select OK.
^ Tap < or > until the desired language
is highlighted.
A total of 25 languages are available.
^ Confirm with OK.
The setting will be automatically saved
and the display will go back to the
previous screen.
All displays will now appear in the
selected language.
If a language is accidentally
selected, follow the flag F to return
to the language setting.
L n G k

Time of day

^ Select "Settings F" from the main
menu. Confirm with OK.
^ Tap > until "Time of day" is
highlighted, confirm with OK.
Clock format
^ Select "Clock format" using the arrow
^ Tap > to select a 12 or 24-hour
^ Select OK when the desired clock
format is highlighted.
The clock format has now been saved.
Setting the time of day
^ Select "Set" using < or >.
^ Tap < or > to set the hour.
^ Confirm with OK.
^ Repeat to set the minutes.
^ Confirm with OK.
The time is now saved.

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Table of Contents

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