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Coffee system
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Making coffee / espresso
Rinsing the lid
For a quick cleaning between uses of
the cappuccinatore the lid can be
rinsed with the steam valve.
This rinsing does not replace the
cleaning of the cappuccinatore in a
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^ Select maintenance "G" using < or
^ Select "Rinse Cappuccinatore" and
confirm with OK button.
^ Push the cappuccinatore spout "in".
^ Place an empty cup under the
cappuccinatore spout.
^ Press the steam lever down.
The following appears in the display.
Cappuccinatore being rinsed
Hot water now runs through the lid and
flushes it clean. The process will stop
automatically when the lid is rinsed.
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o n

After use

If you do not wish to rinse the lines
automatically, they should be flushed
manually before turning the machine off
for the day.
When a coffee beverage is prepared,
the unit always rinses once before it
switches itself off. For this, it is best to
place a container underneath the
beverage nozzle and the steam vent.
The lines can also be rinsed manually
(see "Cleaning and Care" - "Rinsing the

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Table of Contents

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