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Coffee system
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The flavor of the coffee depends on the
coffee type and the quantity of water
used. To ensure the machine uses
exactly the amount of water to suit your
taste and your cup size, use this feature
to program the water amount used.
You can set the serving sizes for
espresso, coffee, and hot water.
The Espresso is a standard size
espresso, for an espresso cup.
The Coffee is a standard size coffee. It
uses the same quantity of coffee as an
espresso, but adds more water.
Regardless of the chamber selected
or the type of coffee being prepared
all drinks will be dispensed using the
programmed serving size.

Setting serving sizes

Setting the serving sizes using the
OK button
^ Place the cup you will be using to set
the portion size under the dispenser
for the corresponding beverage type.
^ Use the drink selection r touch
control to select the desired
beverage type (coffee or espresso)
or select Hot water o using < or >.
^ Press and hold OK until "Prog. the
amount" appears in the display.
^ Once the cup is filled to your desire,
tap OK again to save the portion size.
The programmed amount will now be
dispensed every time the drink set is
prepared, no matter which chamber or
coffee type is selected for the coffee
The water flow stops automatically
when it reaches the maximum
amount possible.
The maximum water amount will
then be saved for the drink selected.
If the water tank becomes empty
while setting the serving size, the
process is canceled and the size is
not saved.

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