Descaling The Coffee System - Miele CVA 2662 CVA 2662 Operating And Installation Instructions

Coffee system
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Descaling the coffee system

The coffee system must be descaled
regularly. The time period depends on
the water hardness set. The appliance
will display a reminder message and
will eventually lock if not descaled.
Once the system is at the point where
only 50 drinks can be prepared before
descaling must be performed, the
display will show the message: No. of
portions until descaling: 50.
This message will appear and
countdown after each drink until
descaling needs to be completed.
^ Select OK to acknowledge the
Once the counter reaches 0 the
appliance can only be used again once
descaling is performed, the display
reads "Descale - Start".
^ Select OK.
To descale the machine, you will need
descaling tablets and the colored
descaling funnel.
Only use the enclosed descaling
tablets for descaling. The descaling
tablets are specially designed for
this coffee system. Descaling tablets
can be purchased from Miele.
Other agents may damage the
machine and affect the taste of the
coffee and hot water.
Be sure that the correct mixture of
descaling agent and water are used
to prevent damage to the machine.
To prevent damage to the exterior
wipe up any descaling solution
spills immediately!
Thoroughly clean the water tank and
the drip tray of descaling residue.

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