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Coffee system
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If soiling is not removed promptly it
could cause the surface of the
machine to alter or discolor. Be sure
to remove soiling immediately.
^ Turn off the machine using the On/Off
^ The front of the appliance can be
cleaned with a sponge and a solution
of warm water and non abrasive
liquid dish soap. Dry with a soft cloth.
Only use a slightly damp sponge
when cleaning the controls. Water
could penetrate into the electronics
and cause damage.
The external surfaces of the coffee
machine are susceptible to scratching.
Scratches on the glass surface could
also weaken the glass making it more
susceptible to breakages.
Glass cleaners may be used to
clean the exterior. However do not
allow them to sit or "puddle", this can
cause damage to the surface.
Remove the cleaner promptly.
Cleaning and care
To better maintain your appliance
avoid the following:
– cleaners containing soda, ammonia,
thinners, or chlorides
– cleaners containing descaling
agents or lime removers,
– abrasive cleaners,
– stainless steel cleaners,
– caustic (oven) cleaners,
– scouring pads, steel wool, hard
– metal scrapers.
Wipe any spills from descaling im-

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Table of Contents

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